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Susi Buka 8 Bidang Usaha di Sektor Kelautan untuk Asing

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Investor asing berpeluang menanamkan modal di sektor kelautan dan perikanan di delapan bidang usaha, di luar kegiatan penangkapan.

Hal tersebut mengacu pada Peraturan Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan Nomor 17/PERMEN-KP/2015.

Delapan bidang usaha yang dibuka untuk penanaman modal asing yaitu pembesaran ikan laut, pembesaran ikan air tawar di karamba jaring apung, industri pembekuan ikan, serta industri berbasis daging lumatan dan surimi.

Bioceleng expands its portioned cuts market to Jakarta

[07 January 2016] Indonesia’s Bioceleng Farm has widened its market reach to Jakarta. In early January the Bali-based pig farming firm sent chilled portioned cuts such as ribs, belly and boneless leg to an international hotel in the capital city. Romeo Alfonso, owner, told Asian Agribiz: “It was the first shipment. It is not easy to supply pork to the hotel since they are concerned about quality, hygiene and safety, but we met all their requirements.” Since early 2015 Bioceleng has been operating its manual pig slaughterhouse with a capacity of 10 pigs/day. The slaughterhouse is equipped with freezers.

source: http://www.asian-agribiz.com/

North Sulawesi aims to be free of hog cholera 

[05 January 2016] Indonesia’s North Sulawesi Pig Farmers Association and the local government are aiming for the province to be free from hog cholera by 2020. According to Phaithoon N Na Ayudhaya, Business Development Advisor and Pig Specialist of Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, starting from January 2016 the association and the local animal husbandry agency will discuss strategies and policies to achieve the target. Mr Phaithoon told Asian Agribiz that there are three steps - stamping out of infected pigs; limitation of pig distributions from outside North Sulawesi, especially from infected regions; and no hog cholera vaccination for at least one year. In 2015 there were no outbreaks of hog cholera in the province.

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